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Circular Danish design made in Europe

Consciously made with sustainable materials


General questions

Can i use the products outdoors?

Our products are not made for the outdoors.

Can I wet the product?

The paper paste cannot withstand substantial amounts of water or other liquids. However, due to the density achieved in our production process, it is a resistant and durable material but try not to rub the wet paper paste as it could damage the surface.

What is the life expectancy of paper paste?

The paper paste products can last for many years, but due to their organic nature, they may wear faster if not cared for.

What happens if my pet or child ate some of the paper?

The paper paste is harmless if consumed. If someone has consumed a large amount of paper paste, we recommend that you contact your doctor.

Questions about the lamp

Is there any limit on the bulb I can use for the lamp?

We recommend you do not use a bulb more powerful than 15W LED.

The wires

The lamp comes with two options of wires: 1.5 and 3.0 metres.

Mounting of the lamp

The Lamp comes with an installation manual, click here to see it.

Questions about the pouf

How much weight can it hold

Although we do not recommend loading the pouf with more than 125 kg, we have tested it up to 250 kg, where it held it perfectly fine.

I've got a stain on my pouf, what to do?

The upholstery is not removable. If necessary, we recommend steaming or cleaning the seat by dabbing with a barely-moist cloth and organic soap mixture. Make sure that the soap is suitable for cotton fabrics. DO NOT soak the seat and upholstery.

Questions about the basket

Can I use it as a laundry basket?

Yes, you can, however, we do not recommend keeping the paper paste basket in humid environments for long periods.

Good to know about the material

It's resistant but take care

Paper paste tolerates a fair amount of water, but it is still paper, so excessive amounts could damage the material permanently.

Minor imperfections

It is an organic matter and we cannot get a perfect product every time. Each product will be unique and will have its own minor flaws.

It is made from paper waste

While we source clean recycled paper and inspect it before production, there is still a tiny chance of finding non-paper materials inside the mixture.


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