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Circular Danish design made in Europe

Consciously made with sustainable materials

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Zoom The Ripple Vase
Zoom The Ripple Vase
Zoom The Ripple Vase
Zoom The Ripple Vase
Zoom The Ripple Vase
Zoom The Ripple Vase

The Ripple Vase

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The Ripple Vase's wave-like form resembles the calm chaos on the surface of water. The vase is our first product made entirely of paper paste; no other materials besides recycled paper and water are used.

Use it with dry flowers, wheat straws or twigs from a tree. The Ripple Vase could also stand alone as a decorative element in your home.


Note that it is not made to withstand water or other liquids. 

How it was made

The Ripple Vase is made entirely of paper paste. We receive the paper waste from a KM0 recovery plant near Barcelona, then mix it in a blender with water, followed by a moulding process. The product is left in the open air to dry for several days. All of our paper products are handmade and hold individual character. Please know that as we are using recycled paper, there is a small possibility that the paper paste contains other materials.

Dimensions and weight

Height 29 cm x Ø Diameter 12 cm at the top and Ø 16 cm at its widest.
Weight: 144 grams


Our products are not made for the outdoors. The paper paste cannot withstand substantial amounts of water or other liquids. However, due to the density achieved in our production process, it is a resistant and durable material.
We do not recommend keeping the paper paste basket in humid environments for long periods. In case of incidents, remove liquids with a dry cloth by letting the fabric absorb the liquids and let the product dry.
Try not to rub the wet paper paste as it could damage the surface.
Dirt and dust can be removed with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Paper paste is a natural material like leather or wood and might develop a patina or evolve over time.

The make up

A paper paste vase

The vase is moulded with a paper pulp made of recycled paper and water. No other materials are added in the process.

Pour sand, not water!

The vase is not made to withstand any liquid. We recommend you fill it with sand, gravel or any other dry filler.

Finding balance

The vase weighs 144 grams, so we advise that you add a filler to stabilise its centre of gravity before adding your favourite flora.


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