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Green Product Award Winner 2023

A look behind the scenes

The artisans behind the Paper Paste Living products are located in sunny Spain near Barcelona. The two factories are within 1km from one another, minimising any transportation between the facilities. Handwork is still apparent in the processes of both places, and together we strive for a green and efficient production set-up.

Pasqual Arnella paper paste makers

Barcelona, Spain

Pasqual Arnella

A family-owned business that has been working with paper since 1892. Their story started with making toys, dolls and carnival masks using papier mache. More recently, they ventured into developing paper paste products, particularly mannequins. In 2009, the fourth generation owner Martí Pascual met John Penther, who made mannequins for the fashion industry. After a long process of trial and error, they were able to create the first full-body paper paste mannequin together.

They have been working with cellulose for more than 100 years, long before the concept of upcycling and recycling was conceived. Their mastery and deep knowledge of everything paper is an essential component of our mission, allowing us to push the boundaries of what is possible with this material.

The Process

We collect the recycled paper near Barcelona from KM0 recovery plants. The paper is then mixed with water in a blender, turning it into paper pulp, no glue is added along the process, and minimal proportions of dye are added to the pulp. When well mixed, it is then poured into a mould and pressed. Once de-moulded, the wet product will dry in the open Spanish sun for several days.

Green Efforts

Installation of solar panels. Reuse of water. Drying in the open. Reuse of cutoff materials.