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Green Product Award Winner 2023

Shape of nature

The visual statement "shape of nature" is a guiding principle for us. This not only allows us to place our products in the wild, but it's also the starting point for our designs. We want to bring paper alive in this project, reconnecting with its heritage and letting it guide us.

The lamp hanging in a forest, shape of nature


The brand was born with the purpose to inspire, reconnect and establish a dialogue with our environment. On this journey, we will always search for new ways of minimising our footprint while communicating honestly and transparently about our obstacles. Our mission is to inspire new and ethical home decor solutions by creating appealing, sustainable items.

The term "shape of nature"

It's a broad expression and can have many interpretations, even for us. When we place the items in nature, they just seem to fit right in, it feels vibrant and exciting. In terms of our thought process, it both affects the design and brings input to how it should look and feel. It also influences how we source, only using materials that make sense with paper waste, completing the whole image.

a tree branch shadow on the paper paste texture
sustainable basket floating in the ocean
hemp fibre covered cord for the lamp with 3 steel wires to balance
A paper paste lamp in sand colour hanging on the beach in Denmark
Sustainable collection of furniture made with recycled waste paper, produced locally in Spain.

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