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Green Product Award Winner 2023

Hygge Lighting: Crafting Cosiness for Ultimate Home Comfort

In the Nordic landscapes of Denmark, the secret to cosy living isn't just about thick blankets or hot cocoa—it's about the ambience, specifically, hygge lighting...

Top picks of Nordic-designed poufs for the modern home

The quest for the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and intelligent space utilisation in home décor has given rise to a fascinating trend: the use of multifunctional furniture. Standing at..

Danish Design: Leading the Way in Sustainable Innovation

Denmark, a small Nordic country with a rich cultural heritage, has long been synonymous with innovative and timeless design. Danish design has made its mark on the world stage, from..

How a new material influences new ideas

It is always an exciting challenge to come across new materials and figure out how to utilise them, particularly, in this case, with a material that gets a second life. The technique we use is similar to creating porcelain..

How to create a sustainable home?

Sustainability is a choice throughout every aspect of your life. Creating a home takes time, and sometimes, you need to take an extra step to find something that makes your living space feel like home..

Why is sustainable design important?

Sustainable furniture design is essential because it helps to reduce the environmental impact of furniture production and use. This includes using sustainable materials, such as reclaimed cotton, wood or recycled..