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It's paper, how resistant can it be?

One of the primary qualities of paper paste is its impressive strength and durability. Comprised of tiny cellulose fibres, the paper paste forms a solid, rigid mass once dried. It is however not resistant to water but we have found a solution!

Is it water resistant?

Water, as it turns out, can be a formidable opponent for our beautifully crafted paper paste vases.

So, we rolled up our sleeves, dove into research, and tinkered with options, from bio coatings to other innovative solutions.

However, the answer was quite simple in the clear, and elegant form of glass. We now have glass inserts available, ensuring our vases are not only water-resistant but also eco-friendly as glass can be endlessly recycled.

Now, our vases can confidently stand tall and elegant, embracing any floral arrangement and water alike.

How much weight can your pouf resist?

Holds up to 150kg - Even though the walls of the Pouf are entirely made of 100% recycled paper, it can hold impressive amounts. The strength comes from the density of the paper paste and its egg-shaped bottom resulting in the force pressing outwards into the sides of the Pouf rather than downwards.