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Green Product Award Winner 2023

Meet the Designers

The Paper Paste products are designed by the Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co. They live and work on the coast overlooking the sea south of the city of Aarhus. When the opportunity to develop a complete range of products from recycled paper arose, the studio immediately accepted the challenge. The over 100-year-old tradition of using paper scraps to create aesthetic objects keeps a beautiful, circular story about human ingenuity alive.

Norsminde, Denmark

The Team

Hans Thyge & Co is made up of a team of talented designers who have been creating innovative designs with companies around the world for over 30 years. They believe that every design should tell a story and represent their creativity, culture, and values.

With Paper Paste, they found a material and texture that allows strong poetic expression via direct contact with the hands creating it. The iconic designs emerged from the material itself, with the paper's heritage and cultural significance sparking creative thinking. Together, we have tried to find and capture paper’s essence, to form a range of sustainable, functional and aesthetic interior items.

Hans Thyge & Co
From idea to product using paper waste and other sustainable materials

Paper design

Paper is an organic matter and presents different challenges when working with it. One of the purposes was to combine it with other sustainable materials to achieve an elegant, poetic touch. By combining something simple with noble materials, we are giving a new life to the product. We take waste and turn it around, using it under new circumstances and creating new stories.

The colours are probably one of the most important things to get right with this material. We tried to transform this dull, anonymous, grey cardboard into something appealing. We did many colouring tests, playing with earth colours. The idea was to return the paper material to a feeling that would recall being out in nature.

Article by Hans Thyge

How a new material influences new ideas

It is always an exciting challenge to come across new materials and figure out how to utilise them, particularly, in this case, with a material that gets a second life....