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Green Product Award Winner 2023

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Shape of Nature

Bring nature inside your home with paper paste. The visual statement "shape of nature" is a guiding principle for us. This not only allows us to place our products in the wild, but it's also the starting point for our designs. We want to bring paper alive in this project, reconnecting with its heritage and brining that sense of earth back us.


At Paper Paste Living, our mission is to go beyond the conventional, striving to create not just aesthetically appealing but also sustainable objects that inspire fresh, ethical solutions for home decor. Born out of a desire to foster inspiration, reconnect with nature, and initiate a meaningful dialogue with our environment, we embark on a continuous journey, ceaselessly exploring innovative methods to minimise our environmental footprint. We are dedicated to transparently sharing our challenges and progress in this endeavour. Our paper paste products serve as a testament to the mesmerising wonders of the natural world. They skillfully weave together thoughtfully curated colour palettes reminiscent of Earth's vibrant landscapes with captivating geometric shapes. One standout creation in our collection is the Cosmo Table Lamp, a whimsical embodiment of a mushroom's charm, encapsulating the essence of our creative journey.

The term "shape of nature"

It's a broad expression and can have many interpretations, even for us. When we place the items in nature, they just seem to fit right in, it feels vibrant and exciting. The thought process behind each product is driven by the harmonious connection between nature and design. This interplay not only influences how our products look but also how they feel – evoking a sense of natural tranquility and bringing a touch of the outdoors into your living space. Inviting nature inside is more than just decor; it's an immersive experience that nurtures a connection with the world around us. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of nature's shapes, awakening your senses and embracing the beauty of sustainable living

a tree branch shadow on the paper paste texture

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